About Annie Stopford Psychotherapist Sydney

About Annie Stopford Ph.D - Scholar and Researcher

Annie Stopford is a psychotherapist, independent scholar, and researcher. She has published many papers and articles and has released a new book, Trauma and Repair: Confronting Segregation and Violence in America.

Independent scholar

Annie has an abiding interest in interdisciplinary scholarship and psychosocial research. Her work has been published in several disciplinary fields, including psychoanalysis, trauma studies, African studies and Critical Psychology.

Her book Trauma and Repair: Confronting Segregation and Violence in America has been described by distinguished Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson as an important contribution to literature on inequality and poverty in the U.S. and a compelling argument for including the physical and psychological suffering associated with community violence in discussion about neighbourhood effects. 

BlueSpark Collaborative: A Film and Research Company

Annie co-founded BlueSpark Collaborative, a film and research company, with her husband, award winning documentary filmmaker Llewellyn Smith. BlueSpark’s high-quality films seek to challenge perceptions of race, encourage intercultural conversations, and examine connections between mental and physical health and the underlying structures in American society that foster inequality.


Annie’s film credits:
Consulting producer: Slavery in Effect: What is the Lifetime of Mass Incarceration? BlueSpark Collaborative and History Design Studio Briefing, Harvard University.

Producer: An Unexpected History: The Story of Hennessy and African Americans (motion picture). BlueSpark Collaborative (2015).

Director of research & development: Wounded Places: Confronting Childhood PTSD in America’s Shell-Shocked Cities (motion picture) United States: California Newsreel (2014).

Producer: Bound by Blood: Echoes of the Elaine (Arkansas) Massacre of Black Sharecroppers, 1919 (motion picture, in development). BlueSpark Collaborative.

Director of research and development: Slow Drag in the Big Uneasy (motion picture, in development). BlueSpark Collaborative.

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